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Why Choose Meersman Sports Medicine

  • At MSM, our modern approach to chiropractic care and sports medicine is dedicated to finding you a solution to your pain. Resolving your pain quickly and restoring function maintains your ability to do what you love.
  • We are more than just chiropractic, in that the combination of adjustments, soft tissue and functional rehab give the best chance at healing quickly and stay feeling good longer.

Our Three Step Approach

01. Assess

History taking, movement screen, orthopedic testing, muscle/joint palpation & diagnosis –

We want to know you!

02. Restore

Hands-on care through adjustments and ART soft tissue.

Focused rehab to maintain changes between visits.

03. Integrate

Taking the step from passive to active care –

Using functional movement to maintain long term strength & mobility to stay injury free.

Acute and Chronic Pain

A new injury or an old, lingering pain isn’t normal – let us help you return to a pain free lifestyle.

Sports Injuries

If you’re a runner with foot pain, a golfer with lower back pain, or anything in between our goal is to get you back to your sport as fast as possible. 

Overuse Injuries

Overloading of joints or muscles repetitively often leads to pain and needs to be managed over time to prevent injury.

Wellness and Injury Prevention

Many patients see benefits from occasional “check-ins” to ensure they are moving and functioning optimally.

Quality Over Quantity

Starting Your Treatment is Easier than You Think


Schedule you appointment online or call the office directly. We accept BCBS PPO insurance and have affordable self-pay options.


We want to know your story. What’s causing you discomfort, and what are your


Let’s find the root cause of your problem.


We’ll guide you to a point where you’re feeling better and able to do what you
love using chiropractic and other manual therapies.
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Dr Meersman is fantastic. He listens to what I need and treats accordingly. As an athlete, he is an incredible asset to my physical health.

Dr Mike can readily assess my movement and adjust accordingly. I appreciate his ability to help keep me moving!

Great explanation of the care before and during treatment. I really appreciate the exercises Dr. Meersman gave me to do at home.

I'm very satisfied with Dr. Mike's work. His treatments have improved my quality of life.

Dr. Meersman is WONDERFUL! He wants to know about my ‘whole self’ so he can understand all the pieces to provide a successful treatment plan.

I am so happy that I decided to try treatment with Dr. Meersman. His skill in assessing the problem, and his ability to address it, are the best I have experienced over the past 40 years. Thank you Dr. Meersman so much!!!

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